Who Are You Calling Cute Now? Omni King Destroy Zamasu And Future Timeline

In the last episode of “Dragon Ball Super”, fans witnessed the end of Zamasu as Trunks gathered all his strength and gave the villain one final,explosive blow. Zamasu was cut into half leading to his tragic death. As soon as Zamasu’s life was ended, everyone was rejoicing.


But the celebration may have been too early as there is a big chance Zamasu is still alive and possibly even stronger. Zamasu, as everyone knows, is immortal and nothing could defeat him. Killing his physical body could only mean unleashing his spirit to a more powerful being. In addition, it would be impossible for anyone to make any damage to a spiritual being.

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is entitled, “Fill Your Heart With new Hope! Farewell Future Trunks.” Based on the title, something must have happened why everyone has to say farewell to Future Trunks. It’s possible that upon Zamasu’s revival, Trunks may have made another powerful attack that could kill Zamasu but at the expense of his own life. This means the people on Earth can live peacefully again which is what Future Trunks would have wanted. If this prediction happens, it will definitely fill new hope for humanity but it also means the end of Future Trunks.
However, fans shouldn’t give up on Trunks because there is another possible reason why people have to say farewell to him. The title that says “Farewell Future Trunks” could mean he’s just going back to where he really belongs which is the future. Maybe Goku and Vegeta was able to do another fusion and the three of them made a powerful attack on Zamasu at the same time and led to his death.

In This Raw Video DBZ Episode 67 it is still not clear as of now because there is no subs but It seems like every one is scared with Omni King Zeno, It Looks Like He is Casting A Powerfull attack That Will Destroy Zamasu And Future Timeline.