Can Zoro surpass his Mentor Mihawk In Future? Theory

Following the time when the first run through Zoro battled against Mihawk and lost, he swore that he would get more grounded and surpass him. Along these lines, he prepared a great deal and he was even later prepared by Mihawk himself. Be that as it may, will their battle ever happen?

From what I have seen as such, I trust that we won’t have the capacity to see this battle. I would mark it the same as Luffy battling against Ace, Sabo or Shanks to see who might win, which we will never see. I truly trust that Luffy will never find the opportunity to battle Shanks and I concur with that.

In this way, I started to ponder in what way Zoro could surpass Mihawk without needing to battle him. The conclusion is to thrashing somebody even Mihawk proved unable (and I am not talking about Shanks).

We don’t know who the Strawhats will be against in the last curve, yet I trust it will be Blackbeard, since he is the fundamental scalawag. What’s more, the one we know Zoro should battle against is Shiryu of the Rain.

I trust that the in the last curve, the Strawhats will be joined by a considerable measure of associates and one of the will be Mihawk. He will attempt to battle Shiryu, however he will lose or possibly bite the dust. At that point, Zoro will proceed with the battle rather than Mihawk and he will, obviously, win! That way, we will have Zoro surpass Mihawk even without them battling.