Gol D. Roger And Son Ace Rendered in 3D Realistic Masterpiece

1You may have seen One Piece some time recently, yet you’ve presumably never seen it like this.

In the scene, we have Ace, Gold Roger, and Garp. Chinese craftsman Zhong Zhengxiang made the picture, utilizing apparatuses like Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, and Photoshop.

It’s a unique scene, and on ZBrush Central, the craftsman clarifies what the work implies:

The orginal thought originates from Gol d. Roger was executed and his child Portgas·D· Ace rehashed his dad’s destiny in a decades later. There’s an imperative individual I need to specify is Navy General Monkey D. Garp. He is Gol·D ·Roger’s closest companion furthermore rise Portgas·D· Ace up as his own particular family member.But they are additionally naval force and privateers antagonistic relations of inconsistencies.

It shows between the companionship blended with the threatening relations’ in the disagreement results.

Observe the subtle element in plain view

Really fantastic work. Not at all like a considerable measure of 3D anime rendering, this one works. Furthermore, works damn well.

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  2. Dear Gary,would you be interested in tikang part in a Dan Dare panel at the London Science Fiction and Fantastic Film Festival (Sci-Fi London) on the May bank Holiday weekend – probably Saturday 1st? It’d be great if you could talk about drawing the Virgin Comics Dan Dare. I’m going to ask Rian Hughes and one of the editors of Spaceship Away who knew some of the original Dan Dare artists as well…best wishes,Alex

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