Japan is Creating a Manga All About Trump’s Youngest Son

Japan has had a thing for Donald Trump for a while now. From an inventor offering to create a weaponized wig for Trump to a meme filled video set in Japan about his campaign.

But it’s time for Donald to take a back seat to his youngest son, Barron Trump. Manga artist Yuusuke Hori has turned Barron into a bishounen of a fictional series titled My Loud, Annoying Dad is President, so the Quiet Unassuming Life I Wanted is Completely Over. Being Japan, the first chapter is billed as Also, My Mom and Sister Are Too Sexy.

Yuusuke Hori is not the only one who is fixated with the 10-year-old…

I thought Trump’s son Barron looked cute, so I looked up some pictures and he definitely has that sexy Slytherin vibe.

Trump’s son Barron is 10-years-old and 170 centimeters tall! He’s so cute and handsome!

Japanese fans have even created a fan Twitter account for their new bishounen overlord. They’re spending time sharing photos of him, talking about how cute he is, and even inserting him into anime.

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