Kaido’s Surgery Hypothesis. Possible Reasons Behind his Undying Life.

Presenting Kaido, there are considerably more inquiries concerning him and his devil fruit power capabilities. One of them would be the motivation behind why he can’t die on or, how we was able to survive in such suicide endeavors.

Here is a hypothesis that Kaido has the capacity survive this as a result of a certain surgery we are all acquainted with – the Perennial Youth Operation.

The best power the Ope no Mi Fruit, which has earned its spotlight of being “A definitive Devil Fruit”, is the capacity to relinguish someone else unceasing youth by means of the “Perpetual Youth Operation”, however performing this deed has a go at the expense of the present natural product client’s life. Law said that this surgery concedes a man endless life, so we are still not certain if it’s the age that remaining parts unaltered or does it incapable somebody to die.

In view of the related reasons, I’d run with the second one. I trust that it would be not normal for Doflamingo want the fruit just because that you won’t age after the surgery. On the off chance that that is the situation, he should seek after Bonney’s devil fruit capabilities. I trust that the genuine impact is the powerlessness to bite the dust hence conceding everlasting life to somebody.

I trust that the previous client of the Ope no Mi was the person who preformed the forbiden surgery on Hundred beast Kaido. That is the reason the capacity of the fruit is known to the world. In light of that surgery, Kaido is not able to die on which made his life exhausting. It is still vague in the event that he needed that surgery or on the off chance that it was constrained on him.

Additionally, perhaps the motivation behind why Law picked Kaido as an adversary (other than vengeance to Doflamingo) could be that he, as the present client of the Ope no Mi devil fruit, has the capacity reverse the impact of the surgery. Still, we don’t know much about his capacities.

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