NEW!! One Piece Wano Kingdom Color Cover Predictions.

While checking One Piece shading spreads, we can notice that creator of One Piece left us hints a lot of times. Here is a hypothesis around a conceivable clue from Oda.
On the said shading spread, there are a few things worth specifying:

1. Everybody is in a happy mood except of Zoro who is in battling mode. Likewise, he wears geta. Possibly it was to imply that there’s an important battle for him which is going to occur amid Wano’s Arc. He wears fire symbols on his Jacket, This Might suggests that he will figure out how to cut/produce fire component with his sword. Something like Kin’emon. On the other hand maybe it was to suggest that they are going to meet somebody from Wano Kingdom who is able to produce fire – Kin’emon and that he may teach the skill to Zoro. Zoro himself even said that he might want to learn something to that effect.

2. The title of the shading cover “Dead or Treat” informing that Pirate Big Mom will not tolerate Luffy any longer (Dead or Treat/Candy) after the bomb blasted in the treasures they got from Fishman Island when she hosted a tea Party. Be that as it may, Luffy will have another plan to counter Big Mom’s attack inferred with the Basket of “Trick or Meat”. Nami wears a sweeper on her back that implying the significance of her activity in the following experience with Big Mom, since Big Mom is viewed as a witch and looks like the witch from “Hânsel and Gretel”.

3. The Sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates is wearing a wolf mascot that suggested his previous foe Jabra from CP9 will show up nearby different Cipher Pol 9’s in the Wano’s Arc Series.

4. There’s a name “JACK” on the white cross tomb on the right half of the photo. Likewise, the Straw hats seems as though they are going some place together, so perhaps they’ll go to Kaido after they thrashing/experience JACK (the shadow that we found in the Punk Hazard Arc Scene while they demonstrated the Underworld).
JACK5. In conclusion, possibly Perona will show up in Wano too to went with Robin and Zoro, on the grounds that Zoro wears fedora cap thus does the apparition with the mustache which Robin sits on it.