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Title: Tamago’s Guard

Luffy and Nami are easily overwhelmed by Big Mom’s crew.
Nami loses Lola’s Vivre Card.

In Whole Cake Castle

Big Mom accepts Sanji’s suggestion.
The entire crew may leave the island unharmed.
Sanji swears to make Pudding happy.

Whole Cake Castle’s Treasure Room

Tamago reveals information about Poneglyphs.
There’s around 30 of them in existence,
9 of which contain informations
If you take those to Raftel, the truth about this world will be revealed.

To get to Raftel, you need 4 Red Road Poneglyphs.

Big Mom pirates have total of 2 Poneglyphs including one Jinbe brought.

One of which is the Road Poneglyph.

Instead of “Juice”, Charlotte Smoothie appears.
She’s 14th daughter of Big Mom’s and has bounty of 932 Million berries.

Smoothie asks how come Tamago’s enhancing the security on the treasure room.

Tamago says 5 years ago a Mink tried to steal the Poneglyph by breaking in.
But due to Pekomz begging for his life, Pedro was able to run away from him.

And yet Pedro’s back on this island.
For Big Mom, Tamago swears to protect the room with his life.

In wine cellar next to the treasure room there’s Pedro and Brooke.

Brooke has used his ability to overhear the conversation in the Treasure Room.
Brooke and Pedro now realise that their plot have been uncovered already.

Although they know it will be a suicide to still go on with the plan,
The two thinks there will be no more chance after this.
So they decide to use Pedro as a bait and commit the heist.

source: 2ch

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