‘One Piece’ Chapter 850 [SPOILERS]: Who Attacked Reiju? Is It Capone, Germa 66, or Boa Hancock?

The end of “One Piece” Chapter 849 featured Reiju soaked in blood and wounded. Reiju couldn’t barely stand and was in a very weak state. It is obvious that someone attacked her. The big question is: Who committed this? What are his/her motives?


Reiju is often portrayed in the popular Japanese anime as an intelligent woman. Though she is known for being fierce, Reiju is the last person to do something stupid or to put herself in situations that will aggravate her life. Chapter 850 of “One Piece” will provide answers to what really happened to her.

The previous chapter really had a weird ending and ended with a huge cliffhanger. “One Piece” is getting more exciting as the anime’s story goes by. Whoever attacked Reiju, he or she could be someone who holds a personal grudge against her. The ulterior motives remain to be seen.

Several theories have emerged regarding Reiju’s attack. One theory attributes the attack on Germa 66. However, this was ruled out due to the reason that he might get the ire of Judge if he did it. Another theory linked the incident to Big Mom’s pirates but this was downplayed as no one would dare to put the marriage to risk.

One speculation associated the attack experienced by Reiju in Chapter 849 of “One Piece” to Boa Hancock who is head-over-heels in love on Luffy. Boa Hancock always throws a hissy fit whenever Luffy is around other girls. In one scene, Reiju kissed Luffy to suck out the poison out of him.


Did Boa actually saw Reiju kissing Luffy? How in the world would she know Reiju sort of lip-locked with Luffy in “One Piece”? Woman instinct! Boa is so madly in love with Luffy that she can feel those sorts of things happening. Reiju’s attack also sets the return of Boa to the series.