One Piece Film Gold Biggest 3-Day Total in China of Any Japanese Film in 2016

One Piece Film Gold earned 69,630,000 yuan (about US$10.1 million) at the Chinese box office in its first three days. The anime film opened in China on November 11.

These box office earnings are the most any Japanese film has grossed in its first three days in China in 2016. In addition to One Piece Film Gold, nine other Japanese films have screened in China this year. Seven of those films were anime, including Doraemon Shin Nobita no Nihon Tanjō, Boruto -Naruto the Movie-, and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’. The Stand By Me Doraemon 3D CG film earned a total of 530,290,000 yuan (US$76.9 million) in China in 2015.

One Piece Film Gold earned a total of 5.2 billion yen (US$46 million) at the Japanese box office. The film had surpassed 5 billion yen in Japan as of September. The film is the second highest-earning film in the franchise. The 2012 film One Piece Film Z earned 6.87 billion yen (about US$64.64 million). Including the latest film, the franchise’s 13 films have earned a total of 30 billion yen (US$292 million) since 2000.

The film opened in Japan on July 23, and screenings were listed for 33 other countries. Funimation will release the film in theaters in the United States and Canada from January 10-17.

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