Pause Devil Fruit Powers of Lucky Roo Theory

Lucky Roo is one of the first characters presented in the series. He is a piece of the Red Haired Crew. Be that as it may, regardless we don’t recognize what his real power is, whether he has a devil fruit ability or not. Some say he does and some say he doesn’t. So here is one hypothesis:

In this hypothesis I will expound on Lucky Roo’s villain devil fruit ability which is really odd. I think he has the Pause Devil Fruit. There were a few times when we couldn’t clarify how he found himself able to show up so rapidly and all of a sudden out of the blue.

The first run through was the point at which a desperado undermined Shanks. Roo just all of a sudden shows up and shoots him.

The second time was amid the war of the best. How could Shank’s group create the impression that rapidly at Marineford when they should be battling Kaido in the New World?

I surmise that him having a devil fruit ability is the main clarification for this one. It may sound silly that such a capable organic product exists, yet it’s not unimaginable. Obviously, the force of the devil fruit ability is constrained. He must have a certain time limit for to what extent he can utilize it and throughout the years, as far as possible got to be greater.

This can likewise clarify why he is constantly sufficiently cool to eat meat notwithstanding amid fight.

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