Pokémon Go: List Of All 7 Generations Max CP

Someone out there has managed to calculate the max and minimum cp of all Pokémon for all seven generations, even though Niantic hasn’t introduced them yet.

Hey all, I know that its still pretty early on considering generation two isn’t even available yet on Pokémon Go, but someone out there has managed to calculate the max and minimum cp of all Pokémon for all seven generations.

The link which I cam going to attach below, was posted on the Pokémon Go trainers forum on Reddit called The Silph Road and has had mixed reactions.

According to a number of comments players are incredibly excited to see Pokémon past generation two, as the know little about them.

I’m not sure if this simply shows the age of most of the players on this forum as I assume this is because they either stopped watching Pokémon at roughly the same time, or because they haven’t played the recent games.


Never the less the trainers who have commented are still excited to se all generations of Pokémon introduced by Niantic in the future.

The more you scroll down the list the more you start to realise that the first generation Pokémon will soon become pretty irrelevant if they don’t have additional evolutions, such as Eevee or Charizard.

The Pokémon seem to get more and more ridiculous in strength but with extra Pokémon running around, it will make gym capturing and defending a heal of a lot more fun.

The variety in gyms will be ridiculous and with regional exclusive Pokémon most likely to be introduced once again in each generation, its going to be next to impossible to catch them all.

But I suppose that’s what’s going to make it fun and I too cant wait for Niantic to slowly bring in each generation to Pokémon Go.

Link to all 7 generations statistics: http://pokegocomplete.com/?order=default&legend=exclude&type=normal-fire-fighting-water-flying-grass-poison-electric-ground-psychic-rock-ice-bug-dragon-ghost-dark-steel-fairy&generation=1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Are you excited to see all generations of Pokémon introduced? Please let us know in the comments below.

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