Son Broly will appear in the next saga. Dragon Ball Super

Until this day the emblematic series of Dragon Ball Super has been surpassing many animes as we already mentioned before.

Until this day the emblematic series of ”#Dragon Ball Super has been surpassing many animes as mentioned before. We can giver credit to the creator Akira Toriyama, who strives daily to deliver the comics and episodes that are going to be released every week.

Thanks to all the effort of Akira, the fans can enjoy good fights, great animation, and more. Between the last chapters of the series we could see mergers like the one of Black Goku and the immortal Zamasu that together formed the creation of Zamasu. Also the fans were able to observe the fusion of the warriors Son Goku and the prince Vegeta that together formed the creation of a new god, Vegetto.

In the last chapters of the saga of ”Dragon Ball Super” also we could observe where Trunks raises his power and arrives to obtain a more powerful transformation. The body of Trunks changed drastically, his hair grew a little more, his body swelled more than normal, and his eyes turned white.

In the next Saga we can enjoy new characters including creator gods, destroyer gods, Kaioshins, villains, and more!


Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan of all universes. So far this is the information that we have been seeing during the 21 years of the ”Dragon Ball series”.

So far no one has thought that he could appear in the series because Brolyappeared in a movie and not in the series. But what happens if Broly shows up?

Son Broly

The son of the Legendary Super Saiyan is Son Broly. The story of this has not yet spread in any other saga, and he would therefore would be a key character to appear in the next ”Dragon Ball Super” saga.

Toei Animation was the one that gave the idea that this character would be the essence of the saga because many of the fans are obsessed with Broly. If Broly did appear, his role on the show would not constitute one of a villain. Exactly what Akirawants is a character who is a creative God but is in his own way. Why? Even that information hasn’t been revealed but so far that is what we have.

This information is not 100% confirmed. #TV Show #ComicBooks

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