Straw Hat Biggest Alliance Formed! ‘One Piece’ Chapter 799 Internet Explodes To The Big Reveal

Chapter 799 looks to be the end of Dressrosa arc and it doesn’t end with a normal victory as Mugiwara Pirates unexpectedly getting themselves a tremendous expansion on their battle force, that makes them at-least an equal fight against the Yonko.

The Chapter commenced with Luffy and Fujitora trading blows with each other. This infuriates Fujitora as he prepares a colossal staggering assault. This sends Luffy flying however Hajrudin who immediately grabs him. At the point when Fujitora is prepared to unleash every one of the rubble to the runaway pirates, country men of Dressrosa makes a last second spare which renders Fujitora defenseless.

At the Dressrosa dockyard, the group was stunned with the Orlumbus’ enormous boat and after riding, they talked about their decision to the Straw Hat’s Captain as they all agreed to be under Straw Hat Pirates wing and order.

The Straw Hat Fleet will might be hold of the following Division Commanders

The 1st Division clutch will be the Beautiful Pirates! consist of 75 of them including the Captain, will be
headed by Cavendish The White Horse.
2nd Division is headed by Straw Hat Pirates Fanboy, who has 56 of his strong crew members that can
backup the Straw Hat alliance. The Cannibal Bartolomeo.

3rd Division will be represented by The Happo Navy Boss, He will be accompanied by the preceding captain Don Chinjao, as well his brother/vice Boo with a strong hold of 1000 men. Don Sai.

4th division will be led by the boxing champion fist Ideo. will be joined by long-legged martial artist Blue Gilly and previously bounty hunters Abdullah and Jeet.

5th Division belongs to Tontatta Hero with his 200 Tontatta tribesmen. Leo.

6th Division will be spearheded by Hajrudin along with his 4 Giant Crewmates they plan to revive the forgotten Giant Warrior Tribe.

Lastly, 7th Division The Yonta Maria Grand Fleet With 4,300 Crew Members Headed By Pioneer Adventurer Orlumbus.

You might be wondering where the hell is Bellamy? He might be joining Bartolomeo’s crew.

With the majority of that joined force, the Straw Hat armada now comprises of 5,600 individuals and the main obstacle left in the route is for every Division Leaders and Luffy to trade Cups of Sake to formalize the union.

With the end of the last part, fans went crazy with the brain unforeseen changes of events. Watch their
responses beneath.

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