Top 10 Bounties In The Whole Cake Island Arc

8. Pekoms

Pekoms is a combatant of the Big Mom Pirates, and is a member of the mink tribe. He is partnered with Tamago, and both are responsible for collecting the monthly payment of sweets from Fishman Island. Pekoms possesses a Zoan type of Devil Fruit called Kame Kame no Mi, which allows him to turn his body into turtle. He can use Armament Haki and he demonstrated it on Fishmen Island.
Bounty: 330,000,000 berries

7. Pedro

Pedro was the former captain of the Nox Pirates, and is a member of the Mink tribe. He sailed the seas of the New World to discover the secrets of the Poneglyphs. Pedro is the rival of Tamago, and is an extremely powerful swordsman. He can use electro, with which he could do devastating damage to his enemies. Pedro can also use his techniques in his swordplay like he did against Tamago.
Bounty: 382,000,000 berries

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