Top 10 Bounties In The Whole Cake Island Arc

4. Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, and is a member of the Worst Generation. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Gomu Gomu no Mi which turned his body into rubber. He is a renowned pirate. Luffy can also use all three types of Haki. He created his own Gear technique​s called “Gears”. These Gears drastically increase his powers.
Bounty:500,000,000 berries

3. Charlotte Cracker

Charlotte Cracker is a Sweet Commander and a great swordsman of the Big Mom Pirates. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit, which allows him to create and control biscuits. He is a master at using Armament Haki, and he was able to cut Luffy’s arm in Gear 4 State. Luffy couldn’t get past his defences even in Gear 4th and resorted to running from him. He received help from Nami, otherwise he would’ve died right there.
Bounty:860,000,000 berries

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