Top 10 Bounties In The Whole Cake Island Arc

2. Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie is a Sweet Commander in the Big Mom Pirates, and is a Swordsman. She possesses an unnamed Devil Fruit, which allows her to suck water from anyone’s body by squeezing them. We haven’t seen her engaged in combat, but she is considered a monster and is the third strongest member of Big Mom Pirates.
Bounty: 932,000,000 berries

1. Charlotte Katakuri

Katakuri is a member of the Big Mom Pirates, and is one of the Sweet Commanders. He can use two types of Haki, and possesses a Devil Fruit called Mochi Mochi no Mi. Mochi Mochi no Mi is a Logia type of Devil Fruit which allows him create and control a sticky substance at his will. He can capture his enemies with the help of his Devil and can make weapons. Katakuri is the second strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates, and was able to stop Luffy with one kick. He can see also into the future itself because of his mastery over his Observation Haki.
Bounty: 1,057,000,000

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