WOOAH! New Attack On Titan Game Gets Preview And Stunning Screenshots

Since the Attack on Titan game was reported with its first trailer at Gamescom not long ago, there’s been a void of unmistakable information on the task. As of not long ago.

Japanese gaming site Famitsu were sufficiently fortunate to get a hands-on with the Attack on Titan diversion – right now being produced by Omega Force and Koei Tecmo – have said that it’s going to blow fans of the anime series away. The site says the diversion will have ‘strategic chasing activity where you can move around openly while thinking deliberately’.

In spite of the sneak peak, data is still moderately thin on the ground. What we do know, is that the amusement will fuse gun emplacements, and an arms stockpile of weapons and ammunition that you and your gathering can use to bring down the titans.





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