Yu Yu Hakusho: Life-Size Younger Toguro Statue Spotted in Tokyo

As part of Yu Yu Hakusho franchise’s collaboration with the Monster Strike mobile game, a life-size statue of the younger Toguro is currently on display in Tokyo.

This Toguro statue features only half of his body with his hands playing the Monster Strike mobile game. Best part about this statue is that you can climb on it like what the elder Toguro did in the series. In addition, if you tweeted a picture of yourself riding Toguro’s shoulders, it will charge up an online gauge that lets Toguro expand his muscles. Once he gathers 100% power, Botan will become available to use in Monster Strike.

Lastly, five lucky participants who tweeted will also get a chance to own Toguro’s iconic sunglasses. These sunglasses were made by craftsmen in Sabae, a town particularly known in Japan for its eyeglass industry. The winner will be chosen via lottery.





The Toguro statue is on display outside of Laforet in Harajuku, Tokyo until November 14th. The statue will then be transferred to MODI in Shibuya until November 16th. Fans can climb Toguro’s back from 11am to 7pm.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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