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Abdullah and Jeet are former Professional Wrestlers.


D: Hello Odacchi! Here’s My Query, We Observed that In Chapter 704, you presented the contenders on the Dressrosa Colosseum who introduced as previously bounty hunters named Abdullah and Jeet. Are this two Characters resembles two former professional wrestlers, is it Abdullah the Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh? Abdullah’s the person who scrape his top with silver forks! Do you Like or even Watch Pro wrestling, Odacchi? Are you in Pro-wrestling era? P.N. Joker

ABDULLAH the butcher


Tiger JEET Singh

O: That lariat hurt! Well much obliged, you simply broke my neck. You’re correct, that is right. Japan was amidst its professional wrestling rage when I was in grade school. I adored that stuff, so this is my tribute to the best heels who ever menaced the ring, The Butcher and Jeet Singh!

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