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Dragon Ball Super Episode 68-71 Spoilers- Hit Returns To Kill Goku? New Arc Series?

And we might have an arc highlighting non-Goku characters. There is Gohan, Goten, Trunks and then the Z fighters. They are not getting any chance to shine at all. So, maybe an arc where all those fighters get the spotlight?

I personally think that would be really interesting.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68-71 Spoilers- Hit Returns To Kill Goku? New Arc Revealed?

Anyways, how do you think Hit got in Universe 7 in the first place?

Can Non-God character even do that?

I only see 2 ways that could happen, Dragon Balls or The Travelling Cube. Dragon Balls are out of the equation for now. Could Hit possibly get hold of that Cube? The interesting thing is Vados actually promised Hit to give him the Cube if he won the tournament. Back then all the fans wondered why Hit would even want that? Maybe he wanted that for occasions like this when he has to travel far to Hit his target.

Who Hired Hit To Kill Goku?
Who Hired Hit To Kill Goku?

If you remember in the Universal tournament Hit kept looking at Goku from time to time in a suspicious manner. Do you think it’s possible that the order was given way back before the tournament but because it was governed by the Gods; Hit couldn’t do it?

Champa appears in Episode 70 just 1 episode before Hit vs Goku. Do you think Hit somehow sneaked in with Champa and Vados in the Cube, but the cube is transparent so that’s not possible either.

How assassin Hit reached U7 is one thing I am looking forward to knowing. Someone like Vados or a God from another universe must have assisted him right? Honestly, guys I just don’t know why Vados keeps coming to my mind as someone who could have a hand in this. I don’t see any motive but just gut feeling.

Did Vados Hire Hit To Kill Goku?
Did Vados Hire Hit To Kill Goku?

I’m looking forward to seeing episode 70. Finally, we will get to see an episode dedicated to Yamcha. Sounds like they are going to have a fun Baseball match some kind of alternate to the Mario Kart race they had in the Manga. When it comes to Baseball Yamcha is the best, we have seen him playing Baseball back in the DBZ days. So, he would probably lead his side. It’s going to be fun!

Episode 69, will feature a wacky Goku v Arale fight. In Episode 68, they are going to make a wish from Shenlong, something like recovering damages done by Zamasu maybe. So, the Dragon Ball wish is going to be out for a while so if Goku indeed dies in Episode 71; things might get really complex.

Before I end this, I want to share my thoughts on Hit. I personally think there’s some good in Hit he is not the evil type. He won’t remain a villain. He is more like an anti-hero. If this Goku’s death thing is serious, I think by the end of the arc Hit will end up becoming a part of the squad. In the tournament, when Goku said they don’t need to be a pawn only and forfeited. Hit in respect of Goku lost the final match willingly. So there’s something exceptional about him. So he might have a change of mind and later on might even end up turning against that anonymous person who ordered the death of Goku.

We just got the episode titles and there are a lot of questions. I don’t want to drag it too far right now. I want your opinion, theories and predictions first and then I will make more analysis videos on these.

So comment below, do you think Hit will kill Goku? Who hired Hit? How did Hit reach Universe 7? Will the next arc really be based on this? Do you think Hit will remain evil or by the time he kills Goku he will have a change of heart? Do you think Vados might have something to do with it? How do you think Beerus would react knowing a being from Champa’s Universe is trying to cause chaos in his Universe?

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