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Dragon Ball Super Power Level Ranking – Post Future Trunks Arc

I am making this Dragon Ball Super Character power ranking just after the end of ‘ Future Trunks- Zamasu ‘ arc. The powers will be described on a power scale of 1-20! The higher a character gets on the scale the stronger he is.

Let’s get started.

Just for courtesy on the bottom of the list would be the normal humans like Mai, Mr. Satan, Bulma and others I’ll give them 1 on the power scale.

Then, Yamcha and Chiatzuo are 2 Z fighters who haven’t been active for a long time and are the only 2 fighters who were not in the battle against Frieza. So, even though they have Superhuman abilities and are extremely powerful in comparison to most of the Universe they only hit 3 on the power scale.

I’ll give 4 to Master Roshi and Krillin. Krillin is supposed to be stronger than Roshi but at this point in time, he probably isn’t. As against Frieza’s army, Krillin hesitated way more than Roshi and had to be motivated. Roshi, on the other hand, fought quite smoothly thanks to his hundreds of years of experience and superior martial arts technique. Due to Krillin being out of shape for a long time I’ll just have to place him with Master Roshi scoring 4 on the power scale.

Tien scores 5 as he is clearly stronger than Roshi and unlike Krillin, it looks like he kept up training and is in a good shape. He fought smoothly against Frieza’s army.

Multiple characters get placed within the power points 6-9, they are Piccolo, Kid Trunks , Goten, Majin Buu and other 6 fighters except for Hit like Magetta and Botamo. Powers of these characters are more or less on the same level and weren’t explored that much. Frost had to cheat to defeat Piccolo. We haven’t quite seen Buu in action on DBS. Magetta fought well with Vegeta, Botama has high durability only. So, place them from 6-9 as you will I leave that up to you. So, comment below and let me know how you placed it.

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