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Free Button Pins? Is It Real? Find It Out here

You Might Be Wondering this past few days that there is a Facebook Page named BUTTON’S UP that is based in Manila, Philippines who is giving away Free Button Pins And Mini Plush toys. Well Yeah we saw it and as we check the page It’s too Good To be true that they are giving away free items.

They have so many kinds of button pin styles they have the glossy type, matte type and metallic type with awesome and very detailed designs and yes they can accommodate if you want to have a customized Button Pin and guess what there is no charge for the artist fee for the design work editing.

As of now most of the design are Anime and console gaming theme based, it was said that the founder of the page is anime fanatic and as well he loves playing online games since then.

We Ask the founder of the page why he wants to give Free Button Pins and plushy, he answered that it was only a short term promo and only available here in the Philippines he just want to increase the page engagement and popularity by giving away free Button pins and plush toys, He added that by interacting directly with the customer and provide the consumers need it can boost trust to the page so that it will be suggested by the subscribers to their friends.

They will give anyone who liked BUTTON’S UP Facebook page, and there’s no problem if you live far away from Manila they can ship the item to you,

Right Now they still giving away free button pins and plush toys and it will be available until the 30th of November.

So What Are You Waiting For Get Your Pin Buttons and Toy Plush Now!