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New SHICHIBUKAI Revealed! “Edward Weeble’s Powers Theory!”


So the seventh Shichibukai has been uncovered and it wasn’t any character that we have known, it’s another character revealed to be the child of Edward Newgate. Weeble is a bizarre character that doesn’t appear to be anything like his father, Whitebeard, is a great deal more comedic and less epic than him. It would seem weird for Oda to leave a successor to Whitebeard who was so inadequate however I think the fascinating thing here is that Weeble was not a member of Whitebeard Pirates. Whitebeard dependably discussed how all he ever needed was to have a family so on the off chance that he had his very own child fragile living creature and blood is there any valid reason why he wouldn’t give him a chance to join his group and be a piece of his family?

One clarification is that Weeble is excessively malevolent and Whitebeard would not acknowledge him as his child because of his absence of ethics since we know Whitebeard is an exceptionally principled man because of how he responded to Blackbeard’s bad form. This appears to be conceivable since Weeble is fierce and appears as though he will be a reprobate as he calmly plunders towns and restrict the remaining Whitebeard pirates.

And As this character reveal in this new chapter many were wondering about his abilities and powers why he is capable to eliminate Whitebread’s crew one by one and why does he have a so destructive power to leave the previous island on onslaught does he ate a devil fruit or he is only relying on his strength?

This Video Is uploaded by Youtube user Alphalate and on this clip it discuss some details on what might be Edwards Weeble’s devil fruit abilitie3s and why he was able make a devastating destruction on the current island were he was first revealed on the series.

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