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One Piece 801 Review “St. Anji” also known as The Royal Black-Leg!

Sanji, was the fifth recruit from the Straw Hat Pirates Crew and he is a known world class chef.

He joined the crew at the end of the Baratie Arc leaving his companions and guide Zeff back in East Blue.

On the other hand… Sanji does not originate East Blue, or should we say that this boy does not come to allegedly “Weakest Sea” East Blue.


The uttermost we have seen from Sanji’s past was the point at which he was a kitchen kid on a ship that was assaulted, and he was protected by Zeff:

What we don’t know is the way he wound up on the boat and why, (especially at that age)

This is particularly confounding as Sanji is from North Blue, and one would ask how did a kid make it there

I need to come to trust that Sanji is of Noble drop and not simply Noble, I trust that Sanji has the Blood of a Celestial Dragon, BUT not completely.

Give me a chance to clarify.

It would be ideal if you see this picture

This was the place a C.D, (Celestial Dragon), coolly endeavored to buy a female to make their wife and negligence an ones’ portion he had.

I trust Sanji is the by-result of such an insidious practice, i.e. his mom was no doubt chose by a Celestial Dragon, and through this he was imagined.

On the other hand… … .

On the off chance that Sanji’s mom were to be neglected would Sanji?

I trust the answer is no, dissimilar to his mom Sanji would have the blood of a C.D running in his veins, in this manner in their eyes making up far above ”Commoners”, simply take a gander at their response when a Donquixote endeavors to leave.

I trust Sanji is a relative of these perverted rats, and truth be told I will go similarly as saying his name isn’t Sanji yet most likely something along the lines of Prince – “St.Anji”

So now, how about we backpedaling in time, a Celestial Dragon has become tired with Sanji’s mom, and chooses to give back her and keep his child “St.Anji” with him, this chafes Sanji who assaults his dad making him sentence his Mother to death to show Sanji a lesson, he would have Sanji executed but since of his half Dragon status chooses to lower him to hireling status.

Sanji, loses his mom yet some way or another escapes and vanishes on an arbitrary privateer boat… quick forward to his disclosure by Zeff.

Is it truly doubtful that that couldn’t be?, most likely a youngster with the blood of the most elevated Nobility would be promptly perceived in North Blue, if blurbs were made?

Here Are Some Clues We found on Different Manga’s

1. This Pirates are first seen on North Blue Spearheaded by Bellamy.
Sanji never meets them

2. Sanji picked the accompanying codename on Alabasta

3. The main needed notice which not reflect what he really resembles
This is particularly a decent coincidence thinking of it as would be close difficult to expect he would be the runaway respectable in light of that photo.

4. As you can see distinctive appearances can change please take note of the considerable number of kids Shichibukai in the accompanying picture
As should be obvious particular components are frequently held, for Sanji’s situation his hair and wavy eyebrows could be obvious.

5. Sanji additionally put forth the accompanying expression to Kuma, amid Zoro’s endeavored penance
This could be effortlessly translated as his fearless endeavor to spare Zoro and take the famous slug for the teamHowever I trust it is a twofold edged explanation where Sanji is indicating at his actual genealogy

It can be every single relative happenstance for the time being, yet taking a gander at the Straw Hats themselves, a man’s child why should endeavoring cut down the Government, being cooperated by a man whose father is a piece of that very government.

What Do You Think on This Short Theory ?

Credits to Speak123 creator of this Theory