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One Piece Chapter 847 Spoilers


Quick Summary

Spoilers/Chapter Summary are out early. Interesting chapter.

Chapter title is Luffy and Big Mom.

Chopper and Carrot get captured by Brulee in Mirror world. Carrot is about to be thrown into a boiling furnace. Chopper (Heavy Point) is tied up, but this situation is what he had planned. He can be free if he transforms and he can even use Monster Point.

In the library in Whole Cake Castle, Big Mom shows a book to Vinsmokes. Many rare living creatures all over the world are confined in the book due to Mondour’s ability. Judge points out that he has not seen Giants in Totland. Big Mom shows hatred toward the word “Giants”. Big Mom’s subordinate reports that they have bring Luffy and Nami.

Luffy and Nami are confined in the prison in the book. They start talking with Big Mom via Den Den Mushi.

Big Mom tells Luffy that she will open the legendary treasure box from Fishman Island (probably that bomb…) in Tea Party tomorrow.

Big Mom gets enraged to hear from Nami that Lola was fine since Lola had escaped from the largest political marriage. Big Mom says that she would have defeated Kaidou, Shanks and Whitebeard and become Pirate King if Lola had accepted the wedding.

Luffy says,

“What a dumb story, Big Mom. It was Lola who decided not to get married. It is you who haven’t become Pirate King yet! I’ll pick a fight with you again! Just because you are Yonkou, don’t act like you are great! I’ll bring back Sanji! It is us who will win in the end!!”

Big Mom is pissed off.

Pedro’s plan starts.

Brook “Now let’s begin a special live concert in Yonkou Big Mom’s castle!”

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