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Who Ordered Hit To Kill Goku? Dragon Ball Super

Recently Titles of Dragon Ball Super Episode 68-71 got leaked, and we got some really hot news. We will get to See Champa and Hit once again.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 Title Is- Death To Goku! A Hit-Job That Can’t Be Refused!

Hit is the most popular exclusive Dragon Ball Super character. His return alone would be enough to get us hyped, but the excitement is increased by many folds as The Strongest Assassin’s next target is none other than Goku. He is going to come here for business as an unknown individual hired him to take Goku out. Let’s see what the synopsis says-

Dragon Ball Super Spoilers- Episode 68 to 71 Titles

Executing an Assassination Mission

Goku’s really really in trouble!!! Check out our latest scoop TV anime Dragon Ball Super !!

Son Goku in peril?! That assassin is closing in and he means business!!

Somebody hires the mightiest of assassins to come to Universe 7!! And his target is none other than our very own Goku! How Will He face off against no-hold-barred assassination techniques..?!

Hit and Champa Returns in Dragon Ball Super
Hit and Champa Returns in Dragon Ball Super

We don’t know for sure if Episode 71 is going to be the start of a fully fledged new arc or will lead to it or be a mini arc, but whatever the case might be. Undoubtedly it is going to be intense as Hitman Hit faces off Goku in a no disqualification match. Let’s be real, last time in the universal tournament Hit defeated Goku. Goku did forfeit but even if he didn’t he would ultimately lose, but in the fight in the tournament was limited with many bounds. Assassin Hit’s job is to kill people and most of his attacks and techniques are based on that, which he couldn’t use as it was against the rules. Also, Goku made him realize that there is still need of getting stronger so it’s predictable that Hit trained after the tournament and is now stronger than ever before. So, I just don’t see any way Goku could win this if no one else interferes. Even the title hints that Goku will get killed. We don’t know if Goku will actually die, but if he died I would be happy because if he sits back temporarily. Dragon Ball Super can finally concentrate a bit on characters like Gohan. Also, Piccolo and other Z fighters have been inactive since like forever. I wouldn’t mind a small arc where they try to sort shit out lead by Vegeta.

Back to the problem, the biggest question Who could possibly put a hit on Goku?




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