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Sanji’s Raid Suit Stealth Black and Invisibility Power!

Chapter 931 has finally revealed Sanji’s Raid Suit! Sanji pulls out his Raid Suit canister to disguise himself, and the Flower Capital citizens are surprised that he actually showed himself, thinking he will be killed by Page One, a member of the Bests Pirates Flying Six.

Sanji decides it is worth it to risk his pride saving the citizens, and activates the Raid Suit, saying that wearing it does not make him part of Germa and he might as well try it out.

The transformation brings Sanji up onto a roof, donning him in a black outfit with a mask over his face. Page One asks what Sanji’s name is, and Sanji calls himself “O-Soba Mask” before using his jet-propelled boots to boost himself forward.

Page One lunges at the roof, but misses Sanji and loses sight of him. Sanji then kicks Page One out of nowhere without being seen. Law realizes that this suit is Stealth Black, having read Sora, Warrior of the Sea growing up. He reveals that Stealth Black allows its wearer to become invisible at will.

Sanji remembers wanting to turn invisible since he was a child, and notes how ironic it is that the Germa technology he hates is what made this dream come true.

After being sent crashing into a building, Page One gets up and transforms into his hybrid form, wondering who Sanji really is. He charges and swipes at Sanji with his arm, and although Sanji counters it with his foot, he is blown through several buildings by Page One’s sheer strength.However, Sanji only feels a little pain thanks to the Raid Suit’s protection, and since Page One has lost sight of him, he thinks Sanji is dead. Sanji then flies up and says that he will have Usopp and Franky look into modifying his suit afterwards, before he unleashes a surprise attack on Page One from above, creating even more damage.