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Shanks is Officially the Yonko with the Highest Bounty!

V-Jump magazine has just published an article which contains important news regarding the Yonkos.

In details:

– Big Mom has a bounty of at least over 2,000,000,000 Berries. While this implies it possibly being under 3 billion Berries, it doesn’t necessarily state as such, so the only thing we can go off of is that it is superior to 2 billion Berries;

– Similarly, Kaido also has a bounty of at least over 2,000,000,000 Berries, but as before, we don’t know if this is limited to 3 billion Berries or not;

– Shanks is stated to have “the highest bounty”, though it doesn’t refer as to what it’s indicating, the highest bounty among the Yonko or the highest bounty in the series. Anyway that makes by default him the Yonko with the highest bounty;

– Shanks is confirmed to not have a devil fruit, definitely a major piece of information. He’s also said to “have connections to the Gorosei” but we don’t know what this really means;

– Luffy is addressed as an Emperor, but the vague way it’s worded(“The Newest Emperor of the Sea?”) makes it sound ambiguous just like it is in the story, where some consider him one and others don’t.