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Universal Studios Japan Real Life Experience: One Piece Premier.

Universal Studios is known all through the world for its stunning collection of world class rides and the recreation center it’s an easy decision for typical visitors as per statistics, and them joining the same excelent quality and spending plan to anime establishments, and now something astonishing happens. Universal Studios Japan is already a pioneer to join forces with a wide range of anime and computer game establishments (Attack on Titan, Yokai Watch, Biohazard, and so forth.).

In spite of the fact that, the franchise that has had the most achievement and keeps on giving back each Summer, likewise happens to be the main running manga and anime for as long as ten years: One Piece. What makes the occasion so uncommon are the nature of performing artists and props highlighted all through the recreation center which gives that additional sparkle of life into the huge 2D characters, making visitors question regardless of whether they have really strolled into the One Piece World or not.

Universal Studios Japan Info


2 Chome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 554-0031

(Off the Yumesaki JR Line. It has its own designated train station named Universal City. The line is accessible off the main Osaka Loop JR line from Nishikujo station. From there, the Yumesaki line is easy to find as signs will be there to guide way.)


Tickets for the One Piece Premier Show are layered and taking into account buy date, and additionally, on seat availability. The individuals who are VIP Annual Pass holders and the individuals who make a Universal Studios online pass have early access to the One Piece Premier Show tickets, and Sanji’s Restaurant reservations.
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One Piece Premier Show

Pre-deal for VIP Annual Pass holders this year started at twelve, May eleventh, to May thirteenth at 21:00. For those Online Account holders pre-deal started May fifteenth at twelve, until they are sold out. General ticket deals started May 25th at twelve, and tickets are accessible both online by means of the Japanese rendition of the Park’s website and through Lawson’s Loppi booths.


The Experience

The One Piece Premier Summer Event started in 2012 and has reliably drawn greater and greater group every year, with the principle fascination show becoming more aspiring consistently. A few segments of the recreation center are changed into different areas around the One Piece world including a Marine Base, where foods and keepsakes can be acquired. In the city of the Marine Base segment, a little live show is held consistently that more often than not includes water firearms that can be acquired at a booth around the area.

The group is supported by Luffy and his team to shoot at the different Marines that endeavor to catch them. Furthermore, a little Marine Kitchen is set up with themed sustenances and beverages in a dedicatory Luffy or Chopper mug.

Sanji’s Restaurant can be found close-by, however an online reservation is require as he’s very famous with the women. The eatery is quite of a supper theater setting where Sanji hand convey’s the visitor’s feast while whatever remains of the group meanders around and interfaces with the coffee shops. Site with information about the experience and sustenance menu can be found here.

While there is no additional charge for the execution, the supper is a set cost at 4,980 yen with expense ($41.48 USD) for grown-ups and 2,550 yen ($21.24 USD) with assessment for kids with strength beverages costing additional. The menu changes from year to year and is constantly posted online heretofore. This year, the kid’s plate was Zoro themed and included a few bits of meat speared through little swords. The grown-up’s plate was more French roused and had a lot of heart enhancements to speak to Sanji’s adoration for ladies.

The Marine Base is the only area One Piece has assumed control. The individuals who’s not able reserve a spot for Sanji’s Restaurant, or maybe detest the sustenance at the Marine Kitchen, can discover comfort at Dan Dan’s. When the guest’s middle for the Jurassic Park zone, Dan’s uses the dinosaur skeleton to flawlessness and basically recommends that the three siblings have essentially eaten him entirety.

This eatery was very mainstream and the line staff would not permit you to arrange unless a seat was at that point anticipating the client, along these lines it is valuable to hold up until top lunchtime is over before eating here. The sustenance was very delightful and every supper was in light of either Ace, Sabo, or Luffy. The subject changes consistently however, as a year ago’s primary center was the privateer cooperation in the middle of Law and Luffy. This year, it spoke the truth the three siblings.

The headliner of One Piece Premier Summer must be the goliath stage/water demonstrate that happens on the Waterworld Stage consistently starting at 19:15. The show is distinctive consistently and endeavors to consolidate whatever present occasions are going on in the manga. This year, the show highlighted a few famous characters showing up in the manga, including Sabo, Cavendish, and Bartolomeo.

The nature of the written work, stage impacts, ensembles, and music is sufficient to make any fan swoon. The show must be depicted as a tactile over-burden as it is justified regardless of each and every penny you have spent.

Overall conclusion

On Personal Review, this will dependably be the highlight of my late spring. I anticipate returning to Japan consistently simply as a result of this show. I’ve gone to the most recent two years and I can’t express that it is so astounding to be in a goliath coliseum loaded with aficionados of the same establishment and to have the capacity to join with everyone around me.

For one night, we can let free and openly express our adoration for One Piece. Everything about the day is supernatural, and the show is only the what tops off an already good thing. This year I figured out how to score second line tickets and it was likely the most huge experience I’ve had in a while. Sabo and Cavendish strolled directly past me and I had the capacity TOUCH them. I never washed my hand a while later.

For One Piece fans, this is the best occasion you can see, without a doubt. If you can make it to One Piece occasion on your get-away, make it this one.
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